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H.E.L.P. offers tutoring in reading and math
as well as courses in communication and study skills
 Every school day 7,000 students leave high school and never return.
 It has been found that over 60% of prison inmates are unable to read.
 Hidden illiteracy is preventing millions from advancement in the workforce.
 Employers spend millions on retraining new employees.
 Despite government programs, test scores are still declining.
 Internationally over $70 BILLION USD is spent on education yearly, yet school DROPOUT RATES range from 25%-45%
 Nearly 70% of the general public in the USA feel schools are failing to help struggling students and prevent dropouts and that the high school dropout rate has a significant effect on the nation’s economy.
 Student who leave high school without a diploma face diminishing opportunities and a lifetime of financial struggle.
 Surveys have shown that teenagers cite boredom and classes that are not demanding as their biggest reason for dropping out of high school

   Children, youth and their families are in need of the type of assistance H.E.L.P. offers; the only limit to expanding the services is additional financial and human resources.  Future funding will come from ongoing grants, corporate, foundation and government grants, individual donations and special events.  Funds received go directly to targeted expansion of our tutor/mentor program.  Your funds directly assist hundreds of children and adults who will gain literacy and communication and life skills -- skills which will last them a lifetime.

Y O U   C A N   M A K E   A   D I F  F E R E N C E

   Through your assistance we will also enable dozens more parents to be intimately involved with their kids, and to be effective “teachers” in our center and in their own home.    And of course, financial assistance is only one aspect of contribution to our program. 

   Volunteers are also needed and are warmly received.  Due to our expanding delivery and the ever-increasing demand, more tutors are always needed. 

We train all volunteer tutors to participate
 in our programs  as tutor and mentor.   
We look forward to a successful partnership with YOU!
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