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Basic Program

                                    HOLLYWOOD EDUCATION & LITERACY PROJECT

A.  Introduction to the Program
   Each participant is toured and oriented through the facility explaining the different facets of the Program.  Included is a quick screen for possible full illiteracy, where the participant has little or no ability to read or write.  If this is the case, s/he is started on The H.E.L.P. Literacy Course before the testing step is done.  If the participant has no basic understanding of the English language, the first step is ESL (English as a Second Language).

B.   Testing
   The CTBS (Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills) from McGraw-Hill is the utilized testing system which establishes exactly what level of reading, comprehension and math skills the student has.  This is used for both pre- and post-testing.
C.  Interview
   A comprehensive personal interview is done with the participant to determine his difficulties, interests and dislikes as they relate to his education and in life.  This interview isolates for the tutor/mentor what problems the participant has and enables the Case Supervisor to create an individualized program that will remedy the participant’s difficulties.  An interview is also conducted with the participant at the end of the Program, which ensures that he has achieved his goals.  The participant then writes his own Success Story detailing in his own words the “wins” he has had on the Program.

D.  Scheduling—Access to the Program
   As a result of the extended hours the participants can be scheduled based around their work and/or school schedule.  H.E.L.P. is located on a number of major bus lines, one block from the Redline subway with the street level entrance being handicap accessible.

E.  Individual Programming
   Once the first three steps are completed, the results are used to create a step-by-step, individually tailored program for that participant.  This program includes a full understanding of primary educational words and concepts, phonics, study and learning skills, math and other subject tutoring.  A student folder is created and used to keep track of and monitor his daily progress.
F. Program Components
An individual program may have many elements, depending on the needs of the participant.  The following is a brief description of the components of the program:


F. Program Components

G.  Retesting
   Testing is generally conducted after the participant has completed the Literacy and Study Skills section as well as after he has completed the Math section along with a final test at the completion of the program.
I. Tutors
   Each tutor is tested as to his or her standing in all of the aforementioned.  Training is provided in any area found to be deficient.  In addition to the Basic Student Line-up, the tutor has a segment on tutoring skills and a tutoring internship where they are supervised and corrected to ensure that they can skillfully tutor.  Depending on level of literacy, tutor training can take up to forty hours.  There is no charge for the tutor training; however, there is an agreement between Hollywood Education & Literacy Project and the tutor that he or she will tutor at least one student all the way through the student line-up as an exchange for his or her tutor training.
 H.E.L.P.  Offers tutoring in reading and math as well
 as courses in communication and study skills
 based on the Study Technology
developed by author and educator, L. Ron Hubbard.  
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